How to add a bot user to the activated members list

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We have a job that’s setup to use bot. In that process, it creates PRs and verifies the CI results including CodeCov report. Since it’s not a Github user we get an error from Codecov that it’s not an activated member of this organization. But we cannot find it in the list to activate as it’s not a Github organization member. How do add this bot to the activated members’ list?



Codecov Output

Codecov Report
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The author of this PR, mergequeue[bot], is not an activated member of this organization on Codecov.
Please activate this user on Codecov to display a detailed status check.
Coverage data is still being uploaded to for purposes of overall coverage calculations.
Please don't hesitate to email us at with any questions.

Expected Results

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Actual Results

See output above

Additional Information

To repo: you can go to and set it up on your repository with the free trial. Turn on the batch mode and see the new PRs created.

Hi @metabot, unfortunately, we are unable to support the bot at this time. The product team is taking a look into how to support bots better, but out of our curiosity, why have you decided to use this product over GitHub’s built in merge queue?