How to configure the layout of GH PR check summaries?


Hi, I’ve been in the process of reconfiguring my repo’s codecov config file and splitting up the reports into different status projects by path. Since Codecov is now adding report “summaries” to the PR checks on Github, my intention was to also remove the PR comment of the codecov bot, as it always generates a lot of noise.

The problem I’m seeing though is that the individual PR check summaries only have some bare minumum text, which wasn’t the case previously when the reports were not split up into different status projects.

The PR check summary text is only something like this, which isn’t useful at all:

Codecov Report
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12.34% (+5.67%) compared to 0123456

Previously, without having different status projects set up and only using the overall “default” project, the PR check summary had the same layout as the PR comment (eg. layout: "reach, diff, flags, files").

So my questions are this:

  • Is it a bug that individual status projects don’t have a detailed PR check summary, similar to the comment?
  • If it’s not a bug or if it gets fixed in the future, is it possible to configure the layout of these summaries, similar to the PR comment while disabling the PR comment at the same time, to reduce the noise on a PR?



  1. Old config, only “default” project enabled: PR check has details, similar to the comment layout
  2. New config, reports split into multiple projects: PR checks don’t have any details

This issue is independent of the comment config, disabled or not. Just tested it in another PR.

Don’t get confused with the different repo of the second link, it’s a non-fork “test” repo with the same code base for experimental stuff

CI/CD, Uploader

GithubActions, using codecov/codecov-action@v1

Apologies, I should’ve been more precise with the links I’ve posted.

Here’s an example of just one PR with a default and custom status project summary:

The PR’s diff and changed codecov config can be seen here:

As said, my intention was to remove the PR comment in favor of having the summary in each of the PR checks after splitting them up by path. My solution for now is keeping the overall “default” project and increasing the comment.after_n_builds config to an “infinite” value, so that the bot won’t ever post a comment on a PR and so that I can define the layout of the PR check summary via comment.layout and having the summary in at least one PR check, namely the default one.

I can live with that tradeoff and it’s therefore not an issue for me anymore. This tradeoff also came in handy for us for the reason of the codecov.notify.after_n_builds property and codecov service outages which prevent PR checks from being created, which if you’re interested, can be read in the linked PR’s comments.

This thread can be closed if it’s intentional that custom projects don’t have a proper PR check summary posted, similar to the PR comment.

@bastimeyer oh that’s really interesting. Thanks for the feedback here! I’ll mark this as the solution, but I’ll bring this back to the product team. Appreciate your help!