How to upload coverage reports from Master


We are currently (somewhat) following a branch per environment paradigm Because of this, I’m not entirely sure how we can ever upload a coverage report from Master over to CodeCov. Our workflow (when releasing to production) is something like this:

1). Create Release Branch from Master

2). Merge Develop into Release.

3). Open PR from Release to Master. CI will now build a coverage report and upload Release branch to CodeCov.

4). After passing, push release to master.

How can one ever push a coverage report to CodeCov without resorting to running coverage (again) during the deploy?


Google Cloud Build via bash uploader tool.

Hi @mahesh-bennie, unfortunately, there is no way to do this without uploading a coverage report up to Codecov again. You could try saving down the upload file using the -q parameter and passing in that file to Codecov, but aside from that, you’ll have to find a way to upload coverage for that commit.