How to use self hosted runners with github codecov.yml file

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Hi folks, I am trying to understand how can we use self hosted codecov with codecov.yml file? Lets say I have this repository called X. Now, lets hypothetically assume I have a enterprise license, how can i use codecov for my public repository X ? As far as I understand, there are 2 ways to configure codecov.yml. One is using github codecov-action which supports url parameter for me to point it to self hosted domain, but is this possible using codecov.yml ?

Few config I tried :-

  url: ""

This config is not really working but is shown valid by config-validator. The reason I am asking is because my management has some specific requirements which needs to be validated before starting conversation with codecov.

I couldn’t really find anything around this.


@hello-guys I recommend you chat with sales if you are looking to understand self-hosted, as that is beyond my knowledge.