Usage with self-hosted and firewalled Gitlab CE instance?

Assuming an organization uses a self-hosted Gitlab CE instance that requires VPN to access from the outside, will work with it at all? Can coverage reports be pushed and analyzed to, even when cannot connect to the pushing CI system as is? I presume things like merge request comments and statuses are not possible in this setup?

I know Enterprise could work, but I would like to trial with the hosted version first.

Hi @rask !

Thank you for reaching out- Ray, from the Codecov Team here.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, if you self-host Gitlab (or GitHub or Bitbucket), you have to self-host Codecov (which is our Enterprise version, as you correctly noted).
You could definitely trial the hosted version first, perhaps with a different project, but not with a self-hosted setup (and you cannot migrate data from one setup to the other).

If you’d like to trial Enterprise, please reach out to or here:

All the best,

I see, I will get back to you in case trialing the enterprise version becomes something we want to check out. Many thanks!