I am receiving 500s intermittently while using the rest api to retrieve codecoverage metrics


I am retrieving the code coverage metrics using the following rest endpoint:
and I am getting a 500 back for some calls with the following response:
“meta”: {
“status”: 500
“error”: {
“reason”: “Unknown”,
“context”: null



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to codecov
  2. Open https://codecov.io/api/gh///branch/master/commits?limit=1 and keep refreshing
  3. Some of the calls will fail with 500s

Expected behavior: Should get 200s for all calls

Actual behavior: I am getting 500s for some calls

Flakiness? Sometimes


Chrome and Mac Mojave version 10.14.6

Sorry for the delay in responding. Is this still happening? It looks like you are a paid customer, so if so can you please open a ticket so we can gather more information on this error?