Get tons of 500 Server Error


Whenever I click on a link to codecov to see a report I almost always see an 500 server error:

FYI: URLs have been anonymized

Latest report:
produces error. It’s a private repo

The same for reports like this:



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Hi @gemal

Thanks for not anonymizing the PR number, I was able to locate it it in our logs from that.

It seems we might have missing coverage for the of the PR. Are you able to view that commit on Codecov, and can you please share the commit SHA for it?

Edit: Sorry, after digging more, we seem to be lacking the PR base, fb3a56adc89377974d9dd2a54750f9f7482f28b1 Do you know if coverage for that commit was ever uploaded?

We think we have identified an error and are going to address.

As a temporary workaround, you can try adding

    enable_partials: no

to your codecov.yml.


Super. Looking forward to the fix


Let me know once it’s been deploy so I can test.

Then I also know when a server error 500 should be reported again.

Certainly. Are you able to try the workaround in the meantime to see if that addresses it?


Just wanted to know if the fix has been deployed.

I did not have time to test the work around.

Not yet. Since you appear to be the only affected customer it’s been a lower priority behind the new UI and CarryForward Flags.

We were waiting to see if the work around helped before we re-prioritize. (I want to be clear I’m not saying it won’t get fixed as a single-use issue)