Jacoco coverage reports are not picked by CodeCov


Team, we have integrated CodeCov to Siddhi open source project [1] recently. But, we observed that component level coverage reports are not picking by CodeCov.
If you check the Travis logs (at the end) in [2] you could understand it cannot recognize the component level jacoco.xml files. Then ultimately, CodeCoc shows the coverage as 0% as per [3]

Am, I missing anything here?

[1] github.com/wso2/siddhi
[2] https://api.travis-ci.org/v3/job/511851216/log.txt (https://github.com/siddhi-io/siddhi/pull/1156)
[3] https://codecov.io/gh/siddhi-io/siddhi


Hey @mohanvive – sometimes can help to specify the file path with the “-f” command manually to get it picked up. Check out docs here:

I just got this working on our repo recently.

If you read the source of the bash uploader script it is very particular about the report name. It is looking for the jacoco*.xml which is generated by running the jacoco report generation, not just generating the *.ec or *.exec file.

Codecov.io does not process the .ec or .exec files generated by jacoco directly, so make sure your build step is generating the jacoco*.xml file correctly. This isn’t clear from the Codecov.io documentation. You need to run the additional target to convert the .ec or .exec file into an XML report.

@nickpalmer giving you shoutout + thanks for the feedback on documentation. Starting a new section of our docs on supported vs. non-supported coverage formats: https://docs.codecov.io/docs/supported-report-formats

Thank you!!!