Coverage reports uploaded successfully by Travis CI but not showing in Codecov


I’m trying to send my reports with Jacoco using Travis CI and Travis CI says Found 1 reports and View reports at …

But Codecov is 0. Whats wrong here? Can someone help me?, thanks.


Additional Information

I just write my tests on dev branch.

Travis CI Build

Any help or suggestions?

I suspect you are hitting this issue: Reports are not displayed: There was an error processing coverage reports

I would need a recent commit SHA to check.

Hello @drazisil,

Latest commit :

Latest travis build :

Your codecov.yml file is being ignored, due to enabled': True not being a valid key, please remove it.

This shouldn’t affect your report being shown though. One thing that I do find quite odd, is that we have a build record for your 2.1 Travis job that failed and doesn’t seem to even uploaded coverage. Are you aware of anything in your setup that would cause this? It does not appear to have sent from job 269657359.