Java Jacoco branch coverage support

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Hello, I just started trying Codecov and it’s wonderful in terms of usability and UX.
Per the doc, the current coverage is done by hits of lines / (sum of hit of lines + partial hit lines + missed lines). However, I’d like to know if Codecov can support using branch coverage for Java jacoco instead of line coverage.

Don’t want to start a debate on branch coverage vs line coverage but having this being a pluggable config would open up more flexibility if we decided to switch from branch coverage to line coverage and vice versa.



Codecov Output


Expected Results

We’d like to see the coverage can be “branch coverage” reported by Jacoco, which is 62%.

Actual Results

The current coverage is done by 11 / (11 + 2 + 2) = 73.3%, which is less desired. Please see my screenshot below.

Since new user can only post one image, let me attach another screenshot for the “Actual Results”

Hi @zetelight this is currently not possible, but I would suggest adding a topic in our feedback section so that the product team can be aware.

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