Llvm-cov support


Does new coverage uploader support llvm-cov? If not, is it possible to add this feature?

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@Karolina002 it should support the same coverage reports as before and I believe llvm-cov is supported.


switched from the old bash uploader to the new one (GitHub - codecov/uploader: Codecov's universal binary uploader.) I can’t seem to find a quick way to use a different gcov binary (see old -x param codecov-bash/codecov at master · codecov/codecov-bash · GitHub ).

Browsing through the new HELPFILE I’m not aware of such an option.
@tom, can you help out on how to actually use llvm-cov? Perhaps I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Currently ‘gcov’ binary is hardcoded in uploader/gcov.ts at main · codecov/uploader · GitHub

@lukaszstolarczuk that’s a good point, made a PR here

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