Merging reports from different places


Hi there, we’re setting up Codecov on a few (open source) projects and we’re wondering if it’s possible to merge reports from different places (and thus uploaded separately)?

For example, unit tests from Github Actions and integration tests from an internal Jenkins instance like in this PR Codecov

Github PR


We’ve setup Github Actions and, as a subsequent second step, we have Jenkins running some Selenium tests and we upload reports with the Bash uploader from there.

Hi @gpolitis, Codecov handles uploading from different CIs as long as it’s the same repository and commit. Does that answer your question?

How does a merged report look like? In our case it doesn’t merge the data, instead it’s shown like in the picture (for this PR DUMMY COMMIT DO NOT MERGE by gpolitis · Pull Request #723 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub). On the bottom left you see the “integration” tests that are done on our internal Jenkins (the stat is wrong by the way) and the rest if from Github Actions unit tests.

@gpolitis, I’m not sure what you mean. The integration flag you see is specified at upload time, but is not indicative of the number of uploads you have. Instead, you can look at individual commits under the Commits tab and click on Builds. An example here shows both GHA and Jenkins uploads.

Thank you @tom, that clarifies things a bit.

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