Uploading multiple reports is not showing on codecov.io


I am using the codecov-exe project to upload results. Here are the commands
%codecov% -f “%test_coverage%” --root %root% --pr %PR% --name “UnitTests” --flag unittests -t “%CodeCovToken%”
%codecov% -f “%test_coverage%” --root %root% --pr %PR% --name “IntegrationTests” --flag integrationtests -t “%CodeCovToken%”

But only the last upload is shown on codecov.io

For more details see this issue submitted to the owner of codecov-exe https://github.com/codecov/codecov-exe/issues/96


Hi @brondavies

I’m seeing File did not arrive within the expected time, skipping it server-side, do you happen to know how large the uploaded file is?

Wow, I didn’t even think of that - it’s ~160 MB

Is there a chance you can split it up and upload a few reports at a time so you don’t risk it not uploading in time? We will merge all the uploads together server-side normally.

I will work on that and let you know. What is a recommended size/limit?

If you can keep it around/below 20/25MB that would be good, please.

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I produced a single report per test assembly and that got the file sizes down quite a bit but still 10 - 30 MB more than what you recommended. still, it was able to upload them. I’ll have to look at some other strategies to help keep those sizes down in our growing test code base. Is this how other large projects handle this? Is there any plan to improve support for large reports?