Missing files in codecov (but not in report)


Codecov is missing some of the files in my repo - but they do appear in the coverage report.

Notice how server.py and client.py are missing - but they show up on the report: https://codecov.io/codecov/v4/raw/2019-12-20/34749C3E1E6F8E0FD2B392F6B33CB864/2f2aa7bcdf794a57e132711f5e790e5d9b2bb7b5/acd4300b-d878-4196-b296-aa50f97fc396.txt


MoshiBin/ssdpy on github

Hey @MoshiBin – thanks for reaching out! I was not able to reproduce this bug / I do see these two files in your repo view:

Can you let me know if this is still an issue?


These aren’t the same files - there are “client.py” and “server.py” both in ssdpy/ and in ssdpy/cli/:

The ones outside of the cli folder aren’t in the coverage report

Hi @MoshiBin, apologies that you were not updated on this. We made a change in late January to fix this issue, can you check to see if this is still a problem?

I seem to be experiencing something similar on my repo:

The file weaver/utils.py is missing for me although it clearly is in my coverage.xml report, whereas other utils.py files located at other level are present as expected.

(not found!) => https://codecov.io/gh/crim-ca/weaver/src/master/weaver/utils.py
(available) => https://codecov.io/gh/crim-ca/weaver/src/master/weaver/wps_restapi/utils.py
(available) => https://codecov.io/gh/crim-ca/weaver/src/master/weaver/processes/utils.py

Is it possible that some paths are not correctly resolved (ie: they get mixed up with same name files at other levels)?

@tom I am seeing this issue as of today (2020-05-22T04:00:00Z), so this doesn’t seem related to the January changes.

The file getting ignored is available in the build:
But is is not present in the listing:

Hi @fmigneault, this looks like a path fixing issue. I’m going to take a stab and guess you’ll need to add this to a codecov.yml file

  - "::weaver/"

Would you try that and see if it works?

Hi @tom

Using your suggestion, I went to the root of the cause and modified my setup.cfg to define source = ./ instead of source = weaver.
This solved it for me without adding codecov.yml file.


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