My coverage reports has not worked for over a year, even though travis says it is performing the coverage tests


Automatic coverage has stopped

Last coverage upload is 1 year ago.


The coverage is being performed according to Travis:

But nothing is being uploaded


Various; Most commonly chrome ie in windows and linux chromium

Additional Information

Not sure.

@mattfidler Seems the Rscript -e 'covr::codecov()' is having an error.

Thank you. How did you track this down? I would like to track down similar errors if they occur

There is a little arrow at the side of the travis log, it was collapsed.

Thank you. How embarrassing :blush:

It seems I need a token to access codecov

Where do you get the tokens?

In theory this shouldn’t be required since it is being checked with travis.

I figured out where to get the token.

An explicit mention of the codcov token works.

I accidentally uploaded my working directory coverage report.


Glad you got it working :slight_smile: