Parsers in codecov.yaml

Could use, please elaborate on ‘parsers.gcov.branch_detection’ in codecov.yaml or add reference where I can find more information about (loop, method, macro)?
And examples when it’s ticked and what happens, how are they counted, and when they are not ticked how test coverage is counted.

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Thanks for the recommendation @BPylypenko. If you feel comfortable, you are welcome to edit the pages (they are open source). If not, I’ll get to this in the next 2 weeks.

Hi @tom yes I have the same question. From what I can see there’s currently minimal documentation for loop, method, and macro.

If anything, can you please provide a link to the gcov tool used behind the scenes?

In the Wikipedia article here:, it doesn’t mention loop, method, or macro.

@jamesbraza, for gcov coverage reports uploaded to Codecov with branch coverage, we offer control on whether or not to parse or ignore branch coverage for methods (classes), loops (for/while), conditionals (if/else), and macros.

We do not use gcov behind the scenes, as this is determined by the coverage report that a user will generate (however they implement gcov.