Partial Hits in Main


I see a bunch of partial hits I can’t explain in my main methods or in areas of the code where I cannot identify a branch. After some digging, I could not find any reference to why this may be happening.

A couple of examples: - the main is partial pretty much everything - the constructor has no if/elses yet it’s all partials.


Commit SHAs

This has been true for a long time, so not sure that matters but c64ee48b06d3ed24c55b7aaf6089017a080057b2

Codecov YAML

  - "src/navigation2/::"

  - "*/**/test/*"  # ignore package test directories, e.g. nav2_dwb_controller/costmap_queue/tests
  - "*/test/**/*" # ignore package  test directories, e.g. nav2_costmap_2d/tests

Additional Information

See examples in description


It looks like you solved this, how? Did you just turn off branching?

Hi @madisetti, I’m not exactly sure what solved this for you, but I’m glad to see that it has. We recently pushed some fixes that might have solved your issue.