Navigation issues: Can codecov solve my minimal needs?

At the very least, I want the ability to have a place where I can navigate around the files and see my code coverage on existing branches and new PRs. I’m not so sure codecov does that for me because of the UI and integration layout.

Let me describe my setup to make my issue clearer. I’m using both CircleCI and Codecov. When you upload via circleci orbs, codecov gives you a link to a diff. I don’t see that as the correct link to use because you often have new files or deleted files. What I really want by default is just to see the code coverage for the branch itself.

Given that failure, I’m hoping PR comments would help with this. The problem with PR comments is I get a plethora of links and the codecov page itself also has plenty of links so I’m guessing you see what the problem is at this point.

Why can’t I customize my PR comment and why wasn’t there an easy way to say “hey, let’s allow our user to link to the page giving them the code coverage” (and not the diff page)

Hey @deeTEEcee, it’s good feedback. I like the way you’ve described the need to have just a straightforward artifact of static coverage vs. the diff or how coverage will change.

Most users find the diff and coverage comparison the most powerful tool we have, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it more accessible to reach branch coverage. I’ll surface this feedback to the team.

In the meantime, branch coverage is always available here:[org]/[repo]/branches


Thanks for the response. I was hoping the template was for the PR comment would be customizable because as a new user, all I really want is that link for branch coverage. Having the diff is nice but that’s not in the scope of what im looking for at the moment. I’m trying to start slow and then consider the value of the diff.

You got it, @deeTEEcee – I think this makes even more sense in the context you mentioned as an learning offering where users are sussing out the value in even static code coverage.

We are working on overhauling our YAML generation process and giving more clarity to users in what they’d like to select, let’s see if we can work this in to show up on the PR comment.