Path Fixing - Unable to get working

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I have searched for similar issues before creating this topic.
I have verified that my repository is using the Codecov GitHub app, if using GitHub
I have validated my codecov.yaml configuration file.
I have filled out the below sections to the best of my ability.


I’ve read the helpdesk article and the documentation around this but am still not able to get it working.

Coverage report is generated using OpenCover and NUnit 3 for .NET Framework application.
We are using custom runners so default path fixing isn’t going to work for us.
We are using Windows.

For the purpose of trying to get this to work, we have generated a coverage report and are committing in the repository just to try and get path fixing resolved. This is why the .codecov.yml has a hard-coded reference to the generated Temp Directory.


  - '.*\\Users\\circleci\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\20221213203713-54c7e070\\::'

Coverage Report Snippet

        <File uid="1" fullPath="C:\Users\circleci\AppData\Local\Temp\20221213203713-54c7e070\VutureVx\Vx.Domain.Security.UnitTesting\Services\SecurityLogServiceTest.cs" />
        <File uid="2" fullPath="C:\Users\circleci\AppData\Local\Temp\20221213203713-54c7e070\VutureVx\Vx.Domain.Security.UnitTesting\Services\SSLServiceTest.cs" />
        <File uid="9" fullPath="C:\Users\circleci\AppData\Local\Temp\20221213203713-54c7e070\VutureVx\Vx.Domain.Security.UnitTesting\Helpers\ReversibleEncryptionTest.cs" />

Repository Structure in Github

Organisation: VutureVx
Repository Name: VutureVx
Repository File Example (including Repo Name): VutureVx/Vx.Domain.Security/Cryptography/ReversibleEncryption.cs


This is private so not possible for the community to access it.

@CWebsterVuture can you provide a commit SHA and a file that is showing improperly in the Codecov UI?