Repo coverage chart does not load due to analytics JS error

Codecov is not loading for me in Safari, with the following console errors:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 ()
Unhandled Promise Rejection: NavigationDuplicated: Avoided redundant navigation to current location: “/gh/ljharb/es-abstract/”.
ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: analytics

This might be a repeat of JS error on website - #7 by tom

@ljharb, is it only Safari? What version are you running and what URL are you hitting?

The URL is the one I pasted in the OP (the forum seems to automatically turn it into a link using the page title, which was not my intention).

It appears to also be happening in Chrome.

@ljharb sorry for the delay here. We’ve made a performance improvement here, but the original URL doesn’t seem to be accurate? Are you still seeing the issue, and if so, would you mind posting the URL here again?

I’m not seeing it now - Codecov loads. There’s two JS errors (one about a 401 loading internal/profile, presumably because i’m not logged in, and an unhandled promise rejection from vue router about avoiding a redundant navigation. Logging in removes the first error but not the second).

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@ljharb thanks, we are aware of the second error, but it shouldn’t be an issue in usage. The first is how you saw it.

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