500 error when trying to access the repo on the codecov website


I would like to use Codecov for a project I am working on:


Codecov Output

500 server error when visiting Codecov

Expected Results

Working page on Codecov

Hi @rryter, hmmm have you installed the Codecov app?

I don’t remember. But since the repo seems to be broken on the codecov side, I can not really do anything can I?

@rryter to be clear, you will need to install the Codecov app

So how come this other repo in the same organisation works perfectly?

In my opinion this has nothing to do with whether or not the the codecov app was installed.

@rryter almost all cases where this happens are because of the Codecov app.

However, you seem to have hit a bizarre edge case. Sorry for the hurried response. I’ll have to push this over to the product team as you are indeed hitting something strange on our end.

I appreciate it, thanks a lot :+1: