Repo showing/referencing coverage from a different org/repo

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Repo showing/referencing coverage from a different org/repo. The only relation to the other repo is shared admins.


rs-wnfs/coverage.yaml at main · wnfs-wg/rs-wnfs · GitHub (and all secrets are separate).

Codecov Output

Run codecov/codecov-action@v3
==> linux OS detected
==> SHASUM file signed by key id 806bb28aed779869
==> Uploader SHASUM verified (20f9c9d78483fce977b6cc39e231a734a23bcd36f4d536bb7355222fb88d02bc  codecov)
==> Running version latest
==> Running version v0.3.2
/home/runner/work/_actions/codecov/codecov-action/v3/dist/codecov -n  -Q github-action-3.1.1 -Z -f
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.493Z] ['info'] 
     _____          _
    / ____|        | |
   | |     ___   __| | ___  ___ _____   __
   | |    / _ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __/ _ \ \ / /
   | |___| (_) | (_| |  __/ (_| (_) \ V /
    \_____\___/ \__,_|\___|\___\___/ \_/

  Codecov report uploader 0.3.2
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.500Z] ['info'] => Project root located at: /home/runner/work/rs-wnfs/rs-wnfs
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.503Z] ['info'] ->  Token found by environment variables
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.512Z] ['info'] Searching for coverage files...
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.670Z] ['info'] => Found 1 possible coverage files:
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.670Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/rs-wnfs/rs-wnfs/
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.677Z] ['info'] Detected GitHub Actions as the CI provider.
[2022-10-20T14:47:08.678Z] ['info'] Pinging Codecov:*******&branch=main&build=3275941698&
[2022-10-20T14:47:09.087Z] ['info']
[2022-10-20T14:47:09.087Z] ['info'] Uploading...
[2022-10-20T14:47:09.327Z] ['info'] {"status":"success","resultURL":""}

Expected Results

Codecov shouldn’t reference the wrong org/repo.

Actual Results

It shows the coverage results for another org/repo: rs-ucan/coverage.yaml at main · ucan-wg/rs-ucan · GitHub.

@zeeshanlakhani is it possible that the CODECOV_TOKEN being input is from the wrong repo? Are you able to check that?

@tom that was my thought at first, but I re-updated everything to double-down on unique CODECOV_TOKEN’s and ran the CI job on main again but didn’t see a change. We’re about to merge another PR, so, hopefully, that will have it take effect.

re-run after the new merge seemed to have solved the anomaly; however, weird that it still reached that state.