Show test cases, which cover code lines


Would it be possible to show, which test cases cover a certain line in the code?


In addition to showing the execute count it would be helpful to see which test cases cover a certain code line.


There could be a tooltip, which shows a list of the test cases, which cover the line:


We are mostly interested in getting this feature for Java.

Hi @tbuechner

This is something we would love to have, but as Codecov only has access to the reports uploaded by our customers, it would need to be data that the reports expose. I don’t think coverage reports include this data currently.

As such, while on our wish list, it’s not currently on our roadmap at this time.

If you are aware of this data being in the reports for the runner you use, we’d love if you could share so we could take a look.

@tbuechner – heads up we are revisiting this and likely adding to pipeline for the coming 1-2 years. It is a big change for the industry, but one that we are excited to undertake.


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