Track number of tests executed


In addition to the coverage percentage, also track the number tests that are executed.


Test execution reports typically include the number of tests that were executed. While the particular value itself is not super important, tracking trends over time provides a proxy for the state of testing in the project.


This value would be included in:

  • The trend line graphs generated on
  • The API that returns project data
  • Github hooks and integrations


Relevant to all languages and programming environments

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Hey @mdobosz-isp – awesome idea. We love this.

There are many ideas in our space circling around the same concept: why would coverage just be a binary? Why wouldn’t know the number of tests, or better yet, which tests actually ran on each line? What if you could click a test and see all the lines it hit?

Definitely something we are thinking a lot about, but can’t do it ourselves. It will take a lot of coordination from CI, to open source coverage report generators, to code coverage solutions like ours. Nothing to happen too quickly, but we definitely think this is the future.