Sunburst range incorrect in overview, works in commit graph


The repo is configured for a range of 40…100. In the overview, most parts in the sunburst are red, which is incorrect for that range: Codecov. The correct colors are displayed when opening the graph e.g. on a commit: Code coverage done right.

Commit SHAs


CI/CD or Build URL


Codecov Output

Expected Results

Correct colors like here: Code coverage done right.

Actual Results

Colors mostly red like here: Codecov

Additional Information

@imsodin thanks for this, I’ll ask the product team to take a look.

Did you get a resolution on this one @tom ?

I’m experiencing the same issue: colours mostly red here, but look ok here.

@connor1 I’m sorry I didn’t get a resolution on this yet. We are working on a completely new dashboard page and this has been de-prioritized a bit. Is this blocking your ability to work?

@tom no, it’s not a blocking bug. Thanks for the info, looking forward to the new dashboard page!

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