Support coverage reports on YAML files


It is not currently possible to report coverage in a YAML file, because YAML files are explicitly removed by the bash uploader.


We are attempting to use a custom coverage reporting tool to file coverage reports for YAML files. We generate code from YAML files and then want to report which of the generated objects are tested in a unit test suite.

Everything works, except YAML files are removed by the codecov-bash uploader.

This patch to the uploader is sufficient to make this work.


To replicate, run a dry-run of the uploader and note that yaml files in the repository are removed from the directory listing.


Current master of codecov-bash

@mdboom do you have a repo that runs the patched version of the uploader that shows coverage from Codecov?

The support for this hasn’t been merged into our project yet (because we don’t want to use a private fork of the uploader), but a Pull Request is here:

And the coverage report that it produces is here:

PR has been opened here.

@mdboom, you should be able to add -X yaml to the bash uploader arguments. Let me know if that works for you!

Great, thanks so much, @tom.

It doesn’t look like there has been a production release since this feature was added. Do you know when this will be available at the default URL? (

@mdboom, apologies it was released but not tagged on GitHub. I have tagged it.