There was an error processing coverage reports


I’m using Codecov on a Node.js project.

Until now, I was using TravisCI and everything was working perfectly.

I recently switched to CircleCI, and on push on branches, the coverage is uploaded but not processed by Codecov. On master it works fine.

This is what happens on the CI side:

==> Detecting CI Provider
    Circle CI Detected
==> Configuration: 
{ commit: '447e4bb50c43e20c298d6f54d31b7f2dc5a39479',
  branch: 'system',
  package: 'node-v3.5.0' }
==> Building file structure
==> Generating gcov reports (skip via --disable=gcov)
    $ find /home/circleci/gladys-test/server -type f -name '*.gcno'  -exec gcov  {} +
==> Scanning for reports
    + /home/circleci/gladys-test/server/coverage.lcov
==> Uploading reports
    View report at:

The coverage is uploaded with success.

But on CodeCov, all I see is:

Any idea of what can cause that?


GitHub :

CircleCI build:

I am having the same problem here with C++, According to the bash script, everything is fine but I see no coverage reports. It used to work fine until a few days ago.

I’m having exactly the same issue, but in Python and on GitHub & Travis CI.

Travis Build:
CodeCov Page for commit:

@pierre-gilles and @HDembinski

I apologize for the delay in responding. If you are still having issues, can you provide newer links so I can check the logs?

@zaneselvans Let me take a look at the logs and see what’s up.


It looks like tox is fetching coverage for all your dependencies in site_packages, as well as starting from your .tox directory.

Can you try calling Codecov directly from tox following the directions here and let me know how that goes?

@drazisil I did get it working eventually, but I don’t recall exactly what it was that finally fixed the issue!

Hi @zaneselvans

Glad to hear it’s working now! :slight_smile: