"Unable to find commit in GitHub" in the recent dashboard


When doing upload from the Github Actions workflow, the codecov tool always report a successful upload (used --required switch). Yet, recently (since ~2days ago) in the codecov dashboard I see "Unable to find commit in GitHub " messages. Sometimes they disappear after I click on them, sometimes they point to the commit with the note “Waiting for CI to complete”


Steps to Reproduce

Seems random.

hi @skirpichev

Can you please share a commit SHA so I can check the logs?

You can check recent commits without CI Passed:

For example, this: https://codecov.io/gh/diofant/diofant/commit/f36499819ee174686bfda79c29c5b03020928db0
I believe, this one was persistent “unable to find commit” error, when this commit was shown in the dashboard.

BTW, right now I got “Unable to find commit” message for https://codecov.io/gh/diofant/diofant/commit/df5ec2cb5913b449a4c2b74b398125953889cfda in the dashbord interface. But after clicking on the link - this message disappeared.

Looks like what happened is we hit GitHub’s rate limit for our codecov-io user (which explains why it’s random).

We are looking for ways to handle this. I’m not sure I have a workaround at this time, but I’ll let you know if we come up with something.


I’m told you should be able to avoid this if you install the Codecov app in GitHub, as it will then use your creds instead of ours. Can you give that a try, please?

Thank you, I’ll try. It’s unfortunate that there is no options.

@skirpichev – we agree it is unfortunate. We are working internally and with Github to address this in a better way.

For future viewers of this topic, please install the Codecov app integration.

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