"Unable to find commit on GitHub" for all new commits in private repos

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We are experiencing the issue that for all new commits in private repos we have “Unable to find commit on GitHub” in codecov.io dashboard. And also codecov.io doesn’t post reports back to github. What can be wrong here?

Commit SHAs



CI/CD or Build URL


bash <(curl --connect-timeout 60 --max-time 900 -sSfL https://codecov.io/bash) -f coverage.info || echo ‘Codecov failed to upload’

Codecov Output


Thanks for reaching out. Since this issue seems to concern private repos more than public ones, I am hesitant to discuss troubleshooting of those issues on a public forum.

Can you please reach out to support@codecov.io? I’ll ensure the ticket gets assigned to me ASAP so I can respond with follow up.

In the mean time, I’ll dig into this using what information you have provided already.