Unable to generate report in Codecov

I have issue, which is detailed below; please take a look.

In nuxt.config.ts , I have this code

    plugins: [
        exclude: ['node_modules', 'test/', 'coverage/', 'cypress/'],
        extension: ['.js', '.ts', '.vue'],
        cypress: true,
        forceBuildInstrument: process.env.CYPRESS_ENV === 'github_action'  

So, in the above condition, if I remove forceBuildInstrument, the coverage report is not generted but if I make forceBuildInstrument true, it generates a report, but there is one problem: the AWS CI check failed in github action , so to avoid this, I create a condition that only makes it true for github actions and false for AWS production environments.

additionally previous I used NODE ENV instead of CYPRESS ENV here, but in github action check bydefault cypress convert NODE ENV ‘github_action’ to production, which fails the code coverage, so I used CYPRESS ENV here so, to create a separate environment for running cypress tests.

In CI.yml

     - name: Checkout the code
       uses: actions/checkout@v3

     - name: Cypress run
       uses: cypress-io/github-action@v5
         NODE_OPTIONS: "--max_old_space_size=4096"
         CYPRESS_ENV: github_action
         start: npm run preview
         wait-on: 'http://localhost:3000'
         browser: chrome

     - name: Upload coverage to Codecov
       uses: codecov/codecov-action@v1
         token: ${{ secrets.CODECOV_TOKEN }}
         directory: ./coverage
         fail_ci_if_error: true

         CYPRESS_RECORD_KEY: "d0d2b93e-e596-4468-9fd9-df533f9c2c2c" # TODO: hide this
         BACKEND_URL: http://localhost:3001/

After a successful test, it generates a report in github that looks like this:
Codecov Report
:exclamation: No coverage uploaded for pull request base (master@30e4697). Click here to learn what that means.
Patch has no changes to coverable lines.

Additional details and impacted files
@@ Coverage Diff @@

master #220 +/-

Coverage ? 59.82%

Files ? 182
Lines ? 5396
Branches ? 1015

Hits ? 3228
Misses ? 2165
Partials ? 3

However, the cypress code coverage report has now been generated by iT, but in the codecov account, it shown an missing base commit , also in frontend it shows no data available on codecov .

image (2)

@belwalshubham is this the first commit to Codecov?

There are parts of the template that are helpful in allowing me and any other members to investigate what is wrong. Please take some time to fill it out.