Uploaded report is stuck with message "Reports are queued for processing"


I uploaded coverage report manually.
However, it has been stuck with message “Reports are queued for processing” over 10 hour.

How to fix it or cancel it?


private repository




bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash) -f my_cobertura.xml -t $CODECOV_TOKEN

Commit SHAs

private repository

Codecov YAML

No yaml file is in this repository

Hi @fan-w-suzuki, can you provide a SHA for this?

Hi @tom, I sent SHA via DM.

Hi @fan-w-suzuki, we have made some change on our side which should fix this issue. Let me know if that isn’t true.

Hi @tom

Thank you for replying. I’ll check it.

I also experience this issue. What I noticed is that it just happens on master branch. https://codecov.io/gh/kmhigashioka/yap/commit/152b174e6b98909878fd4c6b83b2b2f76faa1ddd

@kmhigashioka, I’ll take a look here, thanks for your patience.

Hi @kmhigashioka and @fan-w-suzuki, we’ve made some improvements here, are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi @tom, works now. Thanks!

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