User activated but still not authorized to view code coverage results

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I use the free plan where i can add up to 5 users. One of these users is a student and i activated him as shown below:

But still the user is “Unauthorized” when he tries to access the code coverage reports.


does not relate to the CI/CD

Codecov Output

→ no logs for this issue

Expected Results

The user should be able to view the results as any other user I activated.

Actual Results

User is Unauthorized.

Additional Information

@Tarcontar can you share the org name and user’s account name?

Hi, there is no organisation involved, the repository/repositories in question are private repositories of mine. And my github account name is Tarcontar. The account name of the user is Philipmosler-DM.

@Tarcontar sorry for the delay here, is the user a collaborator on the repository?