Using Codecov with GitHub IP allow list

Hi. we use GitHub IP allow list

IP allow list
An IP allow list lets your organization limit access based on the IP address a person is accessing from.

More information here:

When Enable IP allow list is checked.

Enabling will allow you to restrict access by IP address to resources owned by this organization.

We get this error on Codecov:


Github API: Forbidden.
Check on Codecov’s status or see our docs for common support.
Error 403

When trying to access the Github repos settings on Codecov (note: unchecking Enable IP allow list and saving on Github restores access to repos settings on Codecov ).

Is there a set of Codecov IP addresses that we could add to the IP allow list?

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Hi @bsheen, thanks for this. Unfortunately, we do not have a set of IP addresses that can be currently used for this purpose. I have, however, let the product team know, and I’ll update this thread if that changes.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Hi @bsheen, just a quick question, is this a restriction that is placed on every service that touches your repos?

Yes. IP address(es) for a service are not on the IP allow list then Github returns the following error:

@bsheen, thanks! We’ll take a look to see what we can do here.

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Are there any news about this topic? It would be great if there is anything we could use. We have a lot of variability in coverage and slowdown in our CI due to it trying to communicate with codecov (and failing) 5 times in a row.

@tbennun do you mind opening a new topic on this? I’m not convinced that this topic is related to what you are seeing. I’d like to try to diagnose first.

Is there any progress on this request? GitHub allows installed apps to configure and provide their own list of IPs for use by all customers that have the app installed (CodeCov) and would like to enforce the restriction.

@matt-olds no, unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide this yet. I’ll let the product team know.