Access granted but repo does not appear

I have searched for similar issues before creating this topic.
I have verified that my repository is using the Codecov GitHub app, if using GitHub
I have validated my codecov.yaml configuration file.
I have filled out the below sections to the best of my ability.


Access to the private Apex-Networks repo has been granted but I do not see it the list of repos/orgs via Codecov

@xni06 are you a member of that organization? It seems that you are not, but you may have permissions to repos. Can you take a look under the organization page here and see if you can see the appropriate repository under Enabled or Not yet setup?

That’s interesting - I have admin role on the repo but I am not a member of the organization.

When I follow the link I see “Not yet enabled - setup repo” and when I click on it I get a 404.

I don’t think they will add me personally to the organisation therefore what is it that I should tell them to do?


The org owner has now managed to successfully enable the repo - thanks for the heads-up :+1: