YAML not producing expected results


I have a yaml that I want to produce statuses for 2 sets of paths, and then the patch status, all with 0% targets for now. From the documentation, it seems I can do something like

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 9.27.09 AM

However, this produces status changes only for patch and project. How can I adjust this yaml so the patch has a target of 0%, and both my sets of paths are shown under project status?

Hi @Elliot128

I feel like the target: 0% may be causing us to silently reject the codecov.yml file. Could you provide me a commit SHA so I can ensure that’s not the case?

Thanks for getting back to me.

The commit SHA is: b2b3e558cdde0dea62a65c32dc81b75701c5b0b7

Thanks. Yes, target needs to either be a positive percentage, or auto.

Let me know if that helps, and provide an updated SHA I can check the logs for if now.

Changing the patch target to 1% did not solve the issue. Sha: 10a52dddde948a004c1472cf4e1646ef4b279dd8

Before I added the patch, this was working correctly for lwc and apex statuses with 0% targets, but patch had an auto target.

We don’t want an auto target on patch because this will block prs if they don’t have as much coverage as the base branch. When I added patch under status with a 0% target, it broke the lwc and apex statuses and didn’t respect the target under patch.

Is there any way to set a target on patch?

Sorry, I missed this before, @Elliot128. It’s not the 0% or 1% that is doing it, it’s that you have no name for the patch status. try:

    target: 0%
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Thank you, that was exactly what I needed to change. I appreciate the help.

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