500 Error when logging in with GitLab


When I try to log in using my GitLab account, I get a 500 Server Error page:

Expected Results

I can log in to modify group settings and view private repos.

Actual Results

500 Server Error - Unknown.

Additional Information

I’ve tried on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Tried cleaning cache.

@antonyoni silly question, but when you say you’ve cleared your cache, have you deleted your cookies? What is your GitLab username?

hi @tom, yep, cookies included. GitLab username is antonyoni. I’ve also removed codecov from authorized applications in gitlab, but as soon as I give it permissions again, I get the 500 error.

@antonyoni we pushed a fix for this, are you able to see if you can sign in again?

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Yes, that’s fixed it. Thank you.

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