Error 500 while accessing the settings page


I can’t access the settings page for a project. Just get a 500 internal error






Bash uploader

Commit SHAs


Codecov YAML


Codecov Output


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Access the settings page.

Expected behavior: Access settings page.

Actual behavior: Get a 500 internal server error.

Flakiness? Everytime.

Additional Information

I got here because I renamed/change the path of a project on my gitlab from “name” to “name-old” and then created a new repository with the previous “name”. I assume there’s some conflict because I didn’t remove the repository from codecov before doing this rename. My assumption is that its still connected to my project “name-old”. I was trying to access the settings page so i could reset/delete it from codecov so i could re-use the name.

Any help with this is appreciated because this is a server error its out of my control, unless there’s an alternative way to reset the project on code cov thats not through the settings page.

Thank you.

Hi @Alig96, thanks for pointing this out, I’ll look into it.

Hi @Alig96, we made a fix on our end, are you still seeing this issue?

Hi @tom thanks for the quick response and turn around. Unfortunately, I’m still encountering the 500 error :frowning: if you require anymore info from my side lmk.

@Alig96, could you provide a commit SHA or DM me the repository name?

Hi, I have the same issue. I am getting an error 500 when I try to open the settings page.

In my case it’s a private github repo. The repo was moved from my personal github account to an github organization (administrated by me).
Is there a solution how to access the settings page again?

@stefan, could you provide a commit SHA? We are investigating this issue and the details will be extremely helpful.

@tom ,
thanks for your response.

SHA: 04cd9f451d31e7ec74057ff94aaab5d754fbd47d

I hope you can find something.
If you need more information please let me know.

Hi. I am also getting 500 on Settings in my organization’s private repos.

Managed to get it working. In my case it was some issue with my login and session. After logging out by going to to log out forcefully and logging in again it worked.

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@Alig96, we’ve made some more improvements here, are you still seeing this issue?

I am still having this issue too. Should I create my own topic?

I have a public Bitbucket repository, I haven’t renamed it or anything. Logout + login does not work, neither does logging in from an incognito browser.

Thank you!

Hi @RobertoRoos, yes would you mind opening a new topic for this? Please also provide your Bitbucket username.