500 server error when looking at parent commit

I’m one of the authors of an open-source project (PSyclone) hosted on github. We use Travis for CI and the coverage reports are uploaded to CodeCov. Up until the 6th of June everything was fine but at that point we started getting errors and no coverage reports have been produced since.

If you go to the latest commit to master:

Then you’ll see the “There was an error processing coverage reports” and attempting to follow the link to the ‘parent’ commit (f3aa4f3) results in a ‘500 server error’.

I think the problem may have originated from a commit to master which did not trigger CI and thus subsequent branches had no valid report to compare with. However, since then we have committed to master and had CI run successfully so I would have imagined that things would start working again. Although there are a couple of similar threads already, they both seem to be where people have switched CI provider. In this case we haven’t changed anything and I’m at a loss to see what’s wrong.

Any pointers very welcome!


Hi @arporter

Not sure what happened there. It looks like not only could we not find the base commit, it wasn’t happy with the report itself either.

We did fix an issue with stuck reports last night, I wonder if the base report was one of the ones stuck in “processing” forever.

It looks like things are working well now, can I ask you to push a fresh commit and let me know if you are still seeing issues?

Thanks for getting back to me. As it happens one of my colleagues tried submitting a coverage support to CodeCov manually on Monday evening and ever since then things have been working. I don’t know whether it was what he did or what you’ve fixed but either way, we’re getting CodeCov reports again and life is good!



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