After upload from Gitlab, CI indicated as failed even if not


Since a few days it seems that gitlab does not work with codecov anymore

  1. spurious red cross on codecov website indicating that the CI has failed
  2. message saying “commit message unavailable” on the codecov website
  3. on codecov bot does not publish a comment anymore in the merge requests


Additional Information

  • Possibly caused by Gitlab changes in their latest release, e.g API changes, that typically happens at the end of each month, the 22, although that seemed to work fine 6 days ago (24).
  • Probably not the cause of the problem but because of docker images, the codecov uploader version I use is not necessarily up-to-date. In the present case it is the version that was live on the 11 of August.

@TungstenHeart I know we’ve been doing some upgrades for GitLab. What I’m seeing right now is that a Codecov team bot is not being set. Do you mind just double-checking that?

the teambot is set now but that does not fix the problem, as seen for the latest push

@TungstenHeart it looks like this might be a lingering issue from this topic. The issue I’m seeing is that there is not refresh token information from the bot, and so we are unable to retrieve the necessary information from GitLab.

Can you

  1. Log in and log out of Codecov as the teambot
  2. Delete all Codecov cookies
  3. Log back in as the teambot
  4. Push another commit/PR?

This is still broken. So one monht ago, what you suggested to try had not work.
Today i’ve tried

  • again
  • delete data ( :smiling_face_with_tear:)
  • revoke codecov, accept it again
  • other user name as team bot
  • use latest uploader, not the one from the docker image

and it is still broken. @tom I have two questions:

  • Cant you fix that manually ?
  • Are the API requests logged (thos sent by your service) and could you check that the addresses are good ? Actually upload is correct, analysis of the gcov files is too. The problem seems to be simply that requests are not done at the right place.

Hi @TungstenHeart, sorry for the delay. Taking a look at this, and I’ll let you know if I have more information this week.

Hi @TungstenHeart looks like there might be a bug on our end. We are still investigating and trying to find the root cause.

@TungstenHeart I actually think I figured this out. You need to set up a team bot

I told you on the 22 of November that it is set now

I’ve noticed something. Maybe the problem is that the your service expects the team bot to have the “admin” role. But this cant work on, only on the self-hosted gitlab. On users own their repos, have write access, etc. but are never “admin”.

I see myself as a “developper” here Codecov, this is also the team bot account for the org… which cant be admin.

Sorry, you’re right. I didn’t remember this.

I don’t know enough about GitLab right now, but what I do know is that the user set as the bot does not have sufficient permissions. Does that ring any bells?

I see a little better since a few days, thanks for the update, it looks like the problem is solved now.

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