All codecov runs only show two uploaded files

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Any codecov runs on the repository authelia/authelia seem to only show two files being uploaded whereas CI runs clearly are uploading many more files.

An example is as follows:
PR: refactor(web): use vitest for frontend testing and coverage by nightah · Pull Request #4946 · authelia/authelia · GitHub
CI: Authelia #18705
Codecov: Codecov

However, it should be called out that this isn’t limited to the above PR/branch, all commits seem to be experiencing this same problem.

You can click through any commit on the repo, including HEAD @ master:


Codecov Output

There are several of these runs, you can find them in the Unit Test Step:

And every single step that is labelled with the suffix Suite:

I’ve only pasted the first two above.

Expected Results

Codecov should allow downloading and analysis of all coverage files that have been uploaded for the specific suites and frontend/backend definitions.

Actual Results

There seems to be a limit of only 2 files appearing in codecov when inspecting a specific commit, these also seem to be completely random when inspecting the results of some of the historical commits:

Includes the frontend coverage for the Docker suite and backend coverage for the NetworkACL suite.

Includes the backend coverage for the MySQL suite and frontend coverage for the HighAvailability suite.

Additional Information

Coveage uploads and configuration are specified here: authelia/post-command at master · authelia/authelia · GitHub

@nightah can you provide more details here, I see far more than just 2 files. In particular, a URL and maybe listing out the 2 files that you see?

@tom apologies I should have been more clear, I mean I can only see two files/uploads that are uploaded/processed for coverage according to the Codecov interface.


This makes troubleshooting any indirect changes quite difficult and I’m not sure if it’s actually picked up and processed all the uploaded files.

@nighttah, that’s because you are only uploading twice to Codecov, as far as I can tell here. Each of those uploads has either 1 or 3 files. If you want to split that up, you will need to upload each file separately.

@tom that’s not entirely correct, that’s one of the few steps where several coverage files are uploaded.

If you have a look at that same build, but all of the jobs with the suffix “Suite” like:

ActiveDirectory Suite - Authelia #18704
Caddy Suite - Authelia #18704

Almost all of those suites upload two sets of coverage (one for the backend and one for the frontend).

If you look at the image in my previous post you can see that the two files that have been uploaded are HAProxy and Envoy, and it’s picked up the backend coverage from one and the frontend coverage from the other.

The specific job on the build you referenced is for the Unit Test and that also results in a set of coverage for the frontend/backend which isn’t even represented.

All the files are being uploaded but codecov is only representing a maximum of 2 uploads instead of 2x Unit Test step (backend/frontend) and 2x for every suite (there are a few exceptions in some suites there will only be 1x).

@nightah, ok, I need some clarification as I’m not really familiar with your setup.

Can you provide a single commit SHA, the number of uploads you expect, the name of each upload (e.g. HAProxy), and a link to the CI for each of those uploads? Sorry for making you do some work here, but I’m just not groking everything here.

SHA: fix(commands): internal services not cleaned up properly (#4966) · authelia/authelia@f44700c · GitHub
CI: Authelia #18703
Codecov: Codecov

For reference you can see in the above codecov entry that there are only two total uploads with the following format:

<Upload Name> - <Upload Flag>

Docker - frontend
NetworkACL - backend

Where instead there should have been a total of 47 uploads, I’ve detailed these uploads in the following format:

<Upload Name> - <Number of Uploads> - <Upload Flags> - <CI Job>

UnitTest - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
ActiveDirectory - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
BypassAll - 1 - backend - Authelia #18703
CLI - 1 - backend - Authelia #18703
Caddy - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Docker - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
DuoPush - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Envoy - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
HAProxy - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
HighAvailability - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Kubernetes - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
LDAP - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
MariaDB - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
MultiCookieDomain - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
MySQL - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
NetworkACL - 1 - backend - Authelia #18703
OIDC - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
OIDCTraefik - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
OneFactorOnly - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
PathPrefix - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Postgres - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
ShortTimeouts - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Standalone - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Traefik - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703
Traefik2 - 2 - backend & frontend - Authelia #18703

@nightah, I’m sorry, I guess I’m not following. I appreciate all these links, but I’m seeing 48 uploads for each of the past 7 days worth of commits on the master branch. Am i still missing something?

@tom now I look like an idiot but I can only surmise that something has changed.
All of the older commits that I was looking at were limited to only 2 successful uploads.

Even the screenshot I provided in my earlier post:
This was in relation to the commit that you had referenced in your previous screenshot: Codecov

Now is showing 48 files, however back when I screenshotted it (and that was 15 hours after the uploads) it was only showing 2 uploads.

I guess we should be able to close this off now, seeing as the number of uploads is representative of what I would expect, but nothing has changed on our side and these files magically appeared some time later.

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@nightah no worries! I saw it had only 2 files as well, so I am also guessing something changed, though I’m not sure what exactly.