All time Interval Coverage Trend and Complexity Trend

Firstly, I am honestly enjoying v2 of the REST API.

I really like the Coverage trend API. Would it be possible to have an all time interval API. I know there is the start_date and end_date but it would really be nice to have something like{service}/{owner_username}/repos/{repo_name}/coverage?unterval=all_time

Can you, as part of the Coverage trend API also add complexity, to have something like a Complexity trend

maybe the response can be like:

 "results": [
{       "timestamp": "2016-09-05T00:00:00Z",
        "coverage": {
            "min": 63.26886,
            "max": 63.26886,
            "avg": 63.26886
            "min": 14.0,
            "max": 18.0,
            "avg": 16.0
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@ErnestFistozz thanks so much for these suggestions! If you don’t mind, the product team intakes these kinds of requests here. Please feel free to copy+paste there.

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