Code Complexity for a specify commit in a specific branch with API

I am trying to retrieve the code complexity for a specific commit in my master branch. Went through the documentation but there’s not much about the API to retrieve code complexity. Seems the only thing available is in the diff property/key returned during an API call. However, that is comparing two commits.

Hi @tom , do you have any thoughts on this?

@ErnestFistozz as far as I’m aware, there is not yet a way to get the code complexity of a commit via the API. I’ll let the product team know!

Hi @tom Is there an API to get the code complexity though, doesn’t necessarily have to be for a specific commit. maybe complexity for the overall project.

Asking because the UI does have a graph indicating complexity over time. together with coverage overtime.

@ErnestFistozz sorry for the delay here. Unfortunately, there is not an API to do this. We are looking to revamp our API, so our product team is aware of this.