Ask for help: Can't get author's information in codecov


The author of this PR, xxxxx, is not an activated member of this organization on Codecov.
Please activate this user on Codecov to display this PR comment.
Coverage data is still being uploaded to for purposes of overall coverage calculations.
Please don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions.

As dispalyed above(commented by codecov bot), I can’t get author’s information of this PR/commit on

On the UI page, it is Unknown(as below)

In the response of API, related fields are all empty ( / /

“pull”: {
“head”: {
“author”: {
“username”: “”,
“service_id”: “xxxxx”,
“name”: “”,
“service”: “github”,
“email”: “”

Here is my doubt:

  1. How can I get unactived author’s information on codecov?

Hi @fansi404, can you provide a commit SHA for one of the commits that is showing as unknown?