Codecov PR comment missing on one team repo but not other


I have a github organization and codecov reports coverage on multiple repositories in the organization, all of which are listed under the codecov team repository list. Some have the codecov comment in the PR but one doesn’t have the PR comment. Neither have individual YAML files, both use the default team YAML file. I want the PR comment in the repository.


PR comment:
No PR comment:



We see the same problem with two of our repos. It seems like the repo that uses Travis CI works and the repo that uses Github Action for CodeCov doesn’t post comments. The latter also fails to upload coverage reports.

Here is the repo that works fine with comments and uploads:

And here is the one that where CodeCov fails to comment and upload:

Suggestions appreciated.



Hi @rflperry, I’m seeing a permissions issue with the mvlearn repository. Are you using the codecov app?

@ivelin, I’m seeing - in some of your flags ( You can see in the error message that this is not allowed.

Fixed, thank you! Had to request integration permissions from the group account.

Thank you for the hint, @tom . It wasn’t clear from the error message, but now its fixed. Appreciated!

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Glad it worked out for you both!

Just a quick update @ivelin, we have updated our side to allow for - and . on flag names