Unknown author of commit


Hey guys, I’ve integrated codecov with GitLab CI and everything works well, but the author of commit is always Unknown. Email address in .gitconfig/GitLab/codecov is the same everywhere. Also the same is happening when I’m trying to upload report from local machine




GitLab CI


bash uploader

Commit SHAs


Codecov YAML

using default

Steps to Reproduce

  1. upload report to codecov using bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash)
  2. go to your repository and open commits tab

Expected behavior: author’s email or name is shown in commits section

Actual behavior: author Unknown is shown

Flakiness? all the time

Hi @mrmarkusss, I did a little digging here. Can you confirm that the user with the author email is tied to a GitLab account?

Hey @tom, yes and I see the author of commit in GitLab

Hi @mrmarkusss, we made some changes to how we pull author information. Would you be able to try pushing a new commit from the unknown author and see if this issue is resolved?

Hi @tom, just pushed new commit and seems it’s not working, but when I create a new merge request in GitLab it works.

Hi @mrmarkusss, sorry this is still an issue. I’ll sync with the product team and work on getting a fix for this.

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Hi @mrmarkusss, we noticed that you can have multiple emails linked to your GitLab account for different purposes. One is a Commit Email which is an email that is used for web based operations, such as edits and merges. This worked for your merge but you could be using a different email that can’t be matched for pushed commits

It would be immensely helpful if you could send a screenshot of your GitLab emails page for that user. Please feel free to DM me that information so as not to share it publicly.

it seems I can’t send a message(Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.)

but I have only one email associated with my GitLab account and this is the same email address that I’m using in Git

@mrmarkusss, you should be able to now. As for the email, I meant regarding the user that is not showing up on our UI (if not you).

@tom I’m not sure I understand what do you mean

@mrmarkusss are you the only user pushing changes to this repository?

@tom yes, so far I’m the only one

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Hi @mrmarkusss, thanks for that. I’ll pull in the product team to see why this is happening.

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I’m also having this issue.

@joeldbirch, can you provide a Codecov link and a SHA?

Here’s a Codecov link to a commit I made which was committed by “Somebody” or “Unknown” depending on which view it is listed in.

And here is the SHA for that commit.

Hi @joeldbirch, this looks like an issue with pulling the author details. Can you see if this is set up properly here and check after pushing a new commit? I think this will be helpful here too @mrmarkusss

my ~/.gitconfig setted up properly, email is everywhere the same

Thanks Tom, that fixed it! My email field in .gitconfig was blank.

I really appreciate your clear and straightforward help in resolving this. Have a great day/night/both.

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HI @mrmarkusss, unfortunately do not persist longer than your newest commit. Would you be able to push a new one so we can investigate? I may need to DM you for details due to the nature of your repository’s privacy.