Ask for help: How can I get some older PR's impact after newer PR merged?


Just consider this scenario in the same repo:

  1. I create one PR (called PR-0) at 2020.11.01, which will increse the project coverage by 1% if merged (but it is in open state, not merged).
  2. Then Alice create one PR (called PR-1) and merge this PR both at 2020.11.02, make some coverage change to the project.
  3. Then Bob create one PR (called PR-2) and merge the PR both at 2020.11.03, make some coverage change to the project again.

At 2020.11.04, I want to get PR-0’s impact to the project after PR-1 & PR-2 merged whitout re-run PR-0’s CI.
How can I get that infomation?

Can’t find any help on API doc. (Besides, I tried compare two commits, doesn’t work.)

GET /api/gh/:owner/:repo/compare/:base...:head)

Hi @fansi404, unfortunately this is just not possible. The changes in PR-1 and PR-2 have to be accounted for as it could change which lines are covered.