Coverage stuck at initial upload

I’ve had issues for a while getting coverage updates to actually update. Decided to start over and manually upload the first commit, before letting my CI pipeline take over. I can see the commits, changes and what appears to be the correct change in code coverage. The changes doesn’t seem to update the overall code coverage though and I don’t understand why. Any pointers would be highly appreciated!

Here is a small PR I would expect to update coverage, but didn’t when I merged it:

@postlund I think I need more details about what you mean, I’m not exactly sure what is wrong for you.

For example, I see that the PR is making a coverage change here:

Yeah, the reports posted back to the PRs seems ok but once I have merged the PR, the new total doesn’t seem to add up to the chart in the project dashboard (I’ve merged several PRs since then):

@postlund, do you run your CI and coverage on your master branch?

Duh, I of course only run on pull requests. Must be the reason this, thank you for pointing that out :+1:

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