BUG: Project path prefix of codecov-action running on Windows is incorrectly kept in report data


It seems like the prefix of the project path on Github’s CI runners on Windows, eg. D:/a/USER/REPO, does not get removed anymore by codecov when reading the uploaded report.

This started happening after the recent outage and is causing a lot of troube in our repository, as the reports are all incorrect now and the PR checks with certains thresholds/targets are failing because of that. The recent commit on our master branch is also affected by this.


Affected master branch:

Example PR:


Github actions



Commit SHAs


Codecov YAML

Codecov Output

We’re having the same problem on pydantic,

See https://github.com/samuelcolvin/pydantic/issues/1979.

Codecov team: it would be really great if you could fix this quickly.

Hi @bastimeyer and @samuelcolvin, thanks for bringing this up. I’ll update here and we investigate.

We have found the issue and made the fix here. We will be deploying shortly.

@bastimeyer, @samuelcolvin the fix is now deployed. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue.