Code file coverage report: GitHub API Forbidden - "Is the path ... a relative path in your repository?"


When I click to see code coverage in a specific code file (URL below) I receive a page with 2 errors: “GitHub API Forbidden” & “Is the path src/index.ts a relative path in your repository?”

I would be thinking that this is a problem of how my coverage is reported vs the repository file structure EXCEPT: if I’m logged into CodeCov this link works and shows the coverage for that code file just fine.

So, why would being authenticated in CodeCov fix either a GitHub authorization error (on a public repo) or a repository relative path issue??




Windows 10 / Chrome

Nevermind. After logging out of both GitHub and CodeCov this link is suddenly working. After logging in and out of both services the link still works… random fluke / small bug waiting to be found I guess…

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And never mind again. This is happening again. And it started without any commits/builds that upload coverage. This randomly started happening again without any input.

Anyone know a fix for this?

I noticed some webhook downtime on GitHub 2 days ago, are you able to access that page or are you still running into issues?

I’m getting errors like this as well, so far they’ve been more or less spurious.