Pathfixing question


Sorry if I’m dense here :slight_smile:

I am having trouble to see the reports and files linked to my github repo.

In my coverage.xml the path seems to be.

	<package name="app" line-rate="0.6226" branch-rate="0" complexity="0">
			<class name="" filename="app/" complexity="0" line-rate="1" branch-rate="1">
			<class name="" filename="app/" complexity="0" line-rate="0.875" branch-rate="1">


But at github the root is:


I tried (a lot of different settings), but from the docs I thought that this was correct.

- "project/::"  # move path   e.g., "before/path" => "after/path"

Is there any way to debug this and see what’s missing.

(the repo in question is GitHub - falkowich/sorta-simple-fastapi-template: My try to create a working boilerplate for myself when l)

I run codecov manually for this tests

Regards Falk

@falkowich, I don’t actually think you need to do path fixing. The issue with your latest reports is actually around expiration. Would you try adding

  max_report_age: off

If you think path fixing is still the solution, what are you seeing that isn’t quite matching up?


I am absolutely not sure of this :slight_smile:

But it seems that codecov and github isn’t really agreeing where the files are located.

Here is a gif to show what I mean.

Peek 2021-08-18 11-16

Does it make any sense?

Regards Falk

@falkowich definitely, I saw that too. But it looks like things SHOULD be able to work without path fixing. And adding project/:: is actually messing things up. Path fixing is complicated, so I could be totally wrong, but I would remove it first. Let me know if that still isn’t working for you.

@tom, I removed the “fixing” in codecov.yml.
But sadly still the same problem for me.

Any ideas?

Regards Falk

@falkowich, sorry you will also need to add

  max_report_age: off

to the codecov.yml

@tom, That is now done.
But no cigar :slight_smile:

Regards Falk

@falkowich this is strange, I just tried on my side and it is working. I will say there is a bug in the dashboard on some folders that are being interpreted as files, but I can click into the majority of files. Can you show me another gif of this happening to you?


wh00t, suddenly everything seems to work! :smiley:
Dunno what have changed, but I’m happy with this outcome :slight_smile:

Regards Falk

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